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StopTrax! The Amazing New Product
That Virtually Eliminates Tracked Cat Litter !

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Necessity IS the mother of invention…
People ask me how I come up with the ideas for things I am working on. With regard for the idea and design for StopTraxTM I must admit that I didn’t really have a choice!. In the spring of 1998 I purchased my first home. Then I got a kitten for my first home. Then I became very, very busy with a consulting assignment. At about the beginning of September things started to calm down and I finally had time to do spring-cleaning. I was shocked and dismayed to find that there was cat litter tracked all over the kitchen and most of the downstairs. I had purchased a number of products that claim to eliminate tracked cat litter. All of the products that I could find barely worked for a day or two before they had to be emptied or cleaned, making them high maintenance and thus useless. Finally in desperation I started to design a device that would solve the problem of tracked cat litter once and for all!

Function follows form…

I knew that I needed to keep the cat from stepping on the litter he had already tracked from the cat litter box. My initial idea was something like a window screen that the cat would walk across. The cat litter would fall through the screen or grid and land in some sort of tray, which would then be periodically emptied (weekly or even monthly). The first prototype was two feet wide and four feet long and about six inches tall. Once I found out this actually worked I figured I would just sell the idea and pay my student loans…

What's an idea worth?
The easy answer is "as much as you can get for it". Finding the real value is quite another matter. It depends on a number of different factors, which include production cost, total market volume, expected market penetration and price point. By the way, the list goes on. After some research on the web and getting some pet industry statistics, it occurred to me that this was a project that I wanted to keep. Pre-production samples were designed and ordered. Patents were filed. A name was chosen. Web sites and 800 numbers were acquired. The market was segmented and a market strategy was developed. Packaging was designed. Finally, with mostly everything in place we were ready to visit the pet stores.

Better by design…

Why? Because At KittyMaidTM our primary concern is not price-point or shelf space in the supermarket. This product was designed to stop tracking cat litter by a cat owner who wanted a low maintenance, easy to use product to virtually eliminate tracked cat litter for good !


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