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Lynx are a special felines that get you to useful places. 

  1. Breed Lynx : Sites that are dedicated to breed and catteries.
  2. More Cat Owners Are College Graduates Vs Dog Owners
  3. Feline Resources :Sites with helpful cat related links
  4. Fleas, what you need to know to make them Flee!
  5. New Restrictions on Flea and Tick Products
  6. Indexpet
  7. KittyMaid Retailers Lynx :Shops that carry our product.
  8. Online Shopping : If you can't get to the store.
  9. Pet Product Manufacturers: People who make good stuff!
  10. Pet Services Lynx (Sitters, Vets, Groomers)
  11. Reciprocal Lynx: Search Engines, Directories,&  Indexes that link to us 
  12. Feline Clubs and Cat Shows: 

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